Wild Place Report

Do you have a Wild Place to report?

Does the place have native wildlife (Flora – plants &/or Fauna – animals) to share publically?

Use the 3 – I’s and tell submit a report inquiry, image, and information on the location.

  • Inquire = the question or issue of wonder that drew you to the site
  • Image = drawing, photograph, video, or other artistic rendering of the “wild place”
  • Inform = tell the story through your eyes, and teach the WiNN audience

WiNN only publishes positive and informative reports so make sure to include these elements.

  1. Post on WiNN website by sending report via email to nati897miwi@post.wordpress.com
  2. Or you may email the report to crew@e-corps.org
  3. Reports are normally posted within 24 hours of submission and may be featured in a WiNN periodic Broadcast.

See Updated Reports & examples here: https://wildnaturenews.org/category/wild-places/

Deer lick_new Coot Right_new Cardinal_new