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Soon the WiNN News Broadcasts will appear here.

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Broadcasts are hosted by:


T.Swan, WiNN’s Lead Investigative Reporter and AnchorSwan

News reported by the fantastic T. Swan, our staff Tundra Swan investigative reporter. He, with the help of his crew, dives (&/or dabbles) into topics like:

“Trash a Pain in Sea Turtle Biodiversity” Release:TBD
 “A day in the life of Wolf Biologist Andrea?” Release:TBD



redtailed hawk

Ricki Redtail, WiNN’s Investigative Reporter and AnchorHawk

News reported by the beautiful Ricki Redtail, our staff Red Tailed Hawk investigative reporter. She, with the help of her minions, soars & talons into topics like:

“What the feather is a census count?” Release:TBD
“What’s a USFWS BioTech?” Release:TBD

 If you have topics for a T.Swan or Ricki Redtail to report, please send an email to or

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